Travel Guide: The Best Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

There are only a handful of locations in North America that provide genuinely stunning natural beauty, otherworldly daytime excursions, world-class authentic cuisine, rousing annual events, and lavish oceanfront vacation homes. One of these locations is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico’s crowning jewel located along the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It’s hard to put into words how breathtaking this lively, historic community truly is, regardless of the season. With so many unforgettable things to do in Cabo San Lucas, planning a trip can be moderately overwhelming. But luckily for you, we’ve compiled a short, meticulously-researched travel guide for those who’re contemplating a visit to this magical land.

Annual Cabo Events

First and foremost, the city of Cabo San Lucas hosts dozens of annual events that allure thousands of people from across the globe. Imagine combining a film, music, or food festival with several days spent sailing in the Pacific, sunbathing near your private, lavish infinity pool, and dining atop a cliff that overlooks the ocean. Here are six annual events that are bound to grab your attention!

Jaw-Dropping Cabo Excursions

things to do in cabo san lucasThere are seemingly hundreds of top-rated things to do in Cabo San Lucas, including surfing, whale watching, and scuba diving. Researching the best attractions beforehand is paramount if you plan on getting the most out of your well-deserved getaway to sunny Mexico. We have strong relationships with the area’s best adventure-based businesses. Just ask our friendly, knowledgeable concierge upon arrival about booking an excursion, or simply clicks the links below. Without further ado, here are the top six things to do in Cabo San Lucas, regardless of the season.

Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

There’s certainly no shortage of oceanfront dining, five-star culinary experiences, and down-to-Earth, authentic restaurants here in Cabo San Lucas. We’ve compiled a short list of the best restaurants in the area, all of which are within minutes from Elite Destination Homes’ luxurious vacation homes in Mexico.

Luxury Vacation Homes in Mexico

things to do in cabo san lucasElite Destination Homes has nearly a dozen ultra-luxurious oceanfront homes along the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, all of which are within minutes from the city’s best restaurants, events, and top-rated things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Hacienda Medano features dramatic coastal views from the outdoor terrace, easy access to three on-site pools, and fine interior furnishings. Casa de la Playa, meanwhile, is a secluded, beachfront property with exclusive beach access, a rooftop deck, and two cozy fire pits. Last but certainly not least, Casa Mar y Estrella is lavish in every sense of the word with its infinity-edge pool, marvelous artworks, and grand chef’s kitchen. To learn more about these three luxury homes or to book a well-deserved getaway to Cabo San Lucas, please give us a call today at 1-651-389-3843.

Safety in Cabo During Spring Break

It’s never too early to start planning a Spring Break getaway to Cabos San Lucas as March and April’s reservations typically fill extremely fast at this oceanside paradise. Cabo is widely known as the college Spring Break capital of the world. Not only does Cabo have some of Mexico’s best nightclubs, but it’s also a beautiful oceanside city worth exploring. Just like any popular Spring Break destination, there are some quintessential things to remember when traveling to a foreign country. Elite Destination Homes currently has an available world-class luxury vacation house, Casa Mar y Estrella, which overlooks the azure Pacific Ocean. We also have a few safety in Cabo tips for your week in paradise.

Safety in Cabo Tips

There are many things to consider before exploring Cabo San Lucas. For those who have visited Cabo, Spring Break is one of the most memorable getaways, but there are always those one-in-a-million occasions where someone gets hurt, robbed, or stranded. So, here are eight tips to having an incredible time at Cabo Spring Break.

Bring a copy of your passport. Passports, much like cash, phones, and wallets, tend to go missing quite a bit during Spring Break. Always have a backup plan.

Stick to touristy areas. Visit frequented areas such as beautiful Land’s End, shopping mecca San Jose del Cabo, and scenic Lover’s Beach.

Buy travel insurance. Many terrific travel insurance policies cover injury, illness, and emergency evacuations.

Don’t drive at night. Explore this beautiful region during the daylight. Casa Mar y Estrella has everything for a perfect night under the stars: hot tub, infinity pool, wine bar, fireplace, and rooftop deck.

Be careful when swimming. Cabo San Lucas’ rip currents and tides can be powerful. Stay close to the beach if you’re planning on jumping in for a refreshing swim.

Leave expensive jewelry at home. The U.S. State Department Travel Advisories believes flashy or expensive-looking jewelry makes you a target for potential theft.

Carry cash and emergency phone numbers. You don’t want to lose your credit card in any scenario. Always have emergency phone numbers available in case you lose your smartphone.

Travel in groups. Avoid traveling alone in Cabo, much like any other major city. Safety in Cabo is the name of the game.

Casa Mar y Estrella

You and seven of your best friends can spend a week in heaven during Cabo Spring Break at the Casa Mar y Estrella in nearby Puerto Los Cabos. The Casa Mar y Estrella, which sleeps eight comfortably, features a glamorous outdoor pool, pleasing open layout, luxurious furnishings, and beautiful artwork. The home rests on a tall hill, overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés. It will be hard to pry yourself from this lavish palace during Spring Break – it’s that beautiful. Casa Mar y Estrella is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, each morning, before heading back to lively Cabo San Lucas. Dial 1-651-389-3843, or visit our detailed website for more details.

Hole in One! 3 Paramount Los Cabos Golf Courses

The time to book a flight to stunning Los Cabos is now. The winter crowds are dispersing, the temperatures are rising, and the golf season is heating up. Look no further for your next Los Cabos luxury vacation, because world-renowned Elite Destination Homes has the premier rentals in coastal Mexico. Our lavish rentals are always a short ride from dozens of the world’s top golf courses. Los Cabos, on the south end of the Baja Peninsula, has breathtaking views of the marine blue Pacific Ocean and the gorgeously eroded bluffs. Choosing where to stay in Los Cabos is easy: Casa Mar y Estrella. Deciding where to play a round of golf is difficult. That’s where we come in.


No Los Cabos luxury vacation is complete without a round of golf at Puerto Los Cabos. Designed by Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, this 27-hole masterpiece has premier Sierra de la Laguna mountain and Sea of Cortez vistas. Hitting your Titleist out of one of their sandtraps will feel like a day at the beach. Every last hole has panoramic views of the ocean. No other course can match the majestic beauty at Puerto Los Cabos. Casa Mar y Estrella, our prized four-bedroom paradise, is steps away from this remarkable golf course. Estrella has a heavenly infinity pool overlooking the Sea of Cortez, a rooftop terrace with a fire pit, and a wine bar in the great room. It’s going to be difficult prying yourself from this oasis.


One of the world’s great courses rests on the cliffs of the Pacific, near the lively town of Cabo San Lucas. Quivira is equally a golfing treasure and a natural spectacle. Quivira is a challenging course, mainly because of the continual spectacular cliff-faces and rock-encrusted sand ridges. The course is a short distance from our cultural Hacienda Caroline, ocean-view Hacienda Medano and Tranquila, and beachfront Villa Bonita a la Estancia. These three vacation rentals all have one essential attribute in common: wow-factor.


Palmilla Golf Club offers the same Sea of Cortez views as Quivira and Puerto Los Cabos, but you’re a touch closer to nature. It has three distinct nine-hole courses—mountain, ocean, and arroyo—and each has million-dollar views, pristine greens, and scenic natural surroundings. Palmilla’s cactuses splendidly stand out while the area’s architecture adds extra flair. Our fractional ownership property, Palmilla Retreat, is down the road from the golf course. This Los Cabos luxury vacation home is second-to-none. Guests at Palmilla Retreat have exclusive access to lively oceanside Club 96 and relaxing Espiritu Spa. The choice is simple: your next golf getaway will be on the jaw-dropping shores of Los Cabos.

Whale Watching: Best Spots in Mexico!

It whale be a good time

Whale watching in Mexico has become a top-rated event that takes place from November to April when California Gray Whales migrate South to warmer waters of the Pacific. You’ll find that when traveling to Mexico this time of the year you’re going to want to spot some of these majestic animals. When you reserve one of our fabulous luxury villas Los Cabos is known for, you’ll be in for a treat especially when it comes to catching a glimpse of these ocean creatures.

Luxury Villas Los Cabos

Some of the best views of potential whale sightings are from the windows of our very own luxury villas located in Los Cabos. As many of our rentals in Mexico allow beach access or views of the ocean, you’re going to want to book one for your stay so you can hang out in your private oasis while keeping your eyes peeled on the water for these ocean beauties.

Beach View

If you’re planning a day at the beach, opt to go to one of the South West beaches near Cabo San Lucas. The direction of these beaches facing South-West tends to have more sightings of whales than if you’re on the South-East side due to the proximity to the Pacific coast rather than the Gulf of California as many whales do not venture to that side of Baja California.

On the Ocean

If you’re wanting to dive into finding some whales while on vacation this spring, check out a charter boat? Charter boats or expedition rides will ensure you see some of these mighty beasts. Plus, you’ll get to experience the stunning panorama of the ocean. Here are three excellent charters to get you started on boat tours.


Whale Watch Cabo

Marina Boulevard s/n, Tesoro Los Cabos Resort, Lote 10, Local E-16 Plaza de la Danza, Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico


Cabo Expeditions

Blvd. Marina s/n, Plaza de la Danza Local 6, Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico


Cabo Whale Trek

Boulevard Paseo de La Marina Local A-20, Tesoro Hotel, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Don’t Forget These Items

You won’t want to head out on a whale watching expedition without some necessary gear to help you spot the whales. Binoculars and a camera are items that will come in handy, especially if you’re near a beach or one of our luxury villas Los Cabos has to offer. Your binoculars will help you see whales that are farther away, and a camera with a great telescopic option can let you capture the moment even at great distances.


No matter if you catch a glimpse of these beautiful ocean mammals or you thoroughly enjoy your trip to Mexico, there is so much to do here. From the dining experiences to the luxury villas Los Cabos is known for, you’ll find just what you’re searching for when you book the ultimate getaway to Elite Destination Homes.

3 Reasons to Rent Casa de la Playa

luxury villa in Los Cabos, Elite Destination Homes, Spring, vacation getawayFinding the perfect vacation rental in Mexico can be difficult. You’re flooded with amazing possibilities from all over the country, but no worries, Elite Destination Homes has you covered!

Our beautiful Casa de la Playa is your destination vacation and home away from home. You’ll find that this luxury villa in Los Cabos will satisfy every need, whether you bring your family, a group of friends, or your special sweetheart. It’s time to embark on a journey to Los Cabos when learning about our top 3 reasons to rent Casa de la Playa.

Beachfront Access

Experience a private beachfront access like never before at Casa de la Playa. Not only does this rental have a pool and hot tub for all your water needs, you’re only steps away from the sea. Head down to the coast during the day to soak up some much-needed rays or at night for a fun bonfire on the beach. Courtesy of this rental property you’ll have access to an amazing fire pit and semi-circle seating right on the beach! Watch spectacular colors dance across the sky morning and night or enjoy a bottle of wine and spend quality time together on the beach.

Near Nature Reserves

Casa de la Playa is close to the National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo. We recommend taking a day trip to this fantastic park to learn about the animals in our area. You’ll experience tropical fish, sea lions, turtles, and more. Plus, if you’re looking at diving or snorkeling this is the perfect place to do so, as the Baja hosts a living coral reef. Get below the sea level and experience a beautiful ecosystem.

Fit for the Whole Family

If you’re looking at bringing your family on your East Cape getaway, this is your home! With four bedrooms, Casa de la Playa can host up to 12 people. Whether it’s a family with kids, or a group of friends looking for a fun getaway, or a trip for two, we’re sure this vacation home has everything you need. Casa de la Playa is focused on making sure your social life doesn’t diminish when on vacation. Large open spaces, great views, and plenty of dining tables will make your family time priceless in Mexico.


Whoever you choose to take on your next Baja vacation of a lifetime, let them experience all that Casa de la Playa has in store. Venture through the local village La Ribera or the charming San Jose del Cabo, or spend your days beachside. Elite Destination Homes will make sure you leave your trip with lasting memories. Relish in your luxury villa and elite vacation this spring season and book your stay at Casa de la Playa with us to today! We hope to see you soon along the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

What’s So Special About Off-Season Travel?

By Kathryn Lynden | Travelog

Well, I just returned from Cabo san Lucas, Mexico and what is so amazing about off-season travel is the access to everything.

No Line at Customs

To start there are no lines at Customs, you walk right through.

Access to Everything

Second, you can actually wake up in the morning and figure out what you may want to do that day! Everything is available to you from fishing expeditions, to zip lines, to horseback riding on the beach, to surf lessons and boat rides to picnic on secluded beaches. No need to decide beforehand, just call the day of and off you go!

Local Host Spends Time with You

The Concierge Team at Palmilla Retreat, Paul & Evelyn, had time to spend with us. He offered to take us to a local restaurant for dinner. I mean local. We agreed! I had never been in Los Cabo during a storm and that night it decided to rain — sideways, with the winds whipping. Paul arrived to pick us up and I asked him if the restaurant had an inside area. He looked at me funny and said, “Of course not.” I ran back into my villa to get my umbrella. We arrived and the restaurant had plastic tarps overhead that were cascading water down the sides. The waiters shoe-surfed to our table to take our order. We actually saw one waiter go down — guacamole and chips went flying everywhere! The guitar player never stopped playing even though he was soaking wet. As I tied my umbrella to my chair to keep myself dry, I ate the best self-made tacos I had ever tasted – sliced cactus and all!

Fractional Ownership Amenities Abound

At Palmilla Retreat, as one of our shared owners, you have access to the exclusive Beach Club 96 and a brand new world-class Fitness Center, Espiritu. They were both empty….chaise lounge chairs to be found, the lap pool to myself, and a massage whenever I wanted one. They suggested I order room service to the villa!

It’s Cheap

But the best thing is how cheap it is compared to high season….an exceptional, memorable vacation for a fraction of the cost. I just loved it.

You can have this type of off-season experience at any of our Elite homes – take a look.

Happy traveling!

Elite Destination Homes

“It’s a wonderful dream, isn’t it?”

By Bill Bisanz | Los Cabos, Mexico

Those were the words my companion uttered from the edge of the infinity pool at Las Ventanas mere hours after we arrived in Cabo. I followed her gaze past the white sand beach and into the glistening Sea of Cortez in time to catch a glimpse of a glossy blue whale breach and slip back into the ocean.

It is wonderful, but it’s not a dream, I thought. Then I pinched her just to prove it.

Paul picked us up at the airport and kept a running commentary on the landscape and history of this end of the Baja peninsula. He included restaurant and club recommendations and when he delivered us down the majestic drive-way to the stone gates of Las Ventanas, unloaded our luggage, and explained that our rental car would shortly arrive at our villa, my hard-to-impress friend winked and smiled at me. She was pleased, and over the course of the next hour, from the fresh limeade we were offered as we stepped across the threshold of the incredible resort, to the personal butler who guided us on a tour of the pools, restaurants, and spa as we made our way to our chambers, to the villa itself: vaulted ceilings, balconies spilling bougainvillea, spectacular views, her smile grew broader and her eyes lit up. But it was that moment at the edge of the pool that I knew I had her attention. For a week, anyway….

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening by the pool, ordering drinks and an incredibly fresh, and incredibly expensive, tray of salsa and guacamole, shrimp cocktail and flatbread. The waiters brought bottles of water and repositioned the giant umbrella as the sun moved across the sky. Occasionally they would come around with tiny cones of coconut sorbet, or kiwi popsicles, or supplies to clean and polish our sunglasses. That evening we drove to San Jose for dinner and the Thursday night art crawl. From Las Calaveras Catrina dolls – eerily beautiful little statues of well-dressed skeletons, to traditional Mexican paintings of brightly clad subjects and in bucolic settings and modern amorphous bronze sculpture, the San Jose del Cabo art scene is an exceptional cultural microcosm of Mexico. After we were thoroughly aesthetically sated, it was time for dinner. Up and down cobblestone streets, we had passed dozens of restaurants, each with a modest storefront that belied the interiors. We settled on Tequila as much for the atmosphere as the menu with all of its fresh fish and organic produce. We dined under colored glass and woven lanterns scattered amongst the tree branches and twinkling stars from the open sky. The waiters brought heaters and even offered blankets to keep my companion warm in the cooler night air and when the mariachis came through, they sang “Brown Eyed Girl” to my blue-eyed friend with strong Spanish accents and tons of Mexican enthusiasm.

The rest of the week was just as magical as the first day. Espresso and breakfast on our private balcony, mornings and afternoons spent by the pool, and walking along the beach, watching whales and in one instance, ensuring that a baby sea turtle made it into the surf before the birds got him. Evenings were a series of wonderful meals in open air restaurants, or on the surf under thatched pagodas.

One day we got up early and drove north to La Paz, stopping at a roadside taqueria for breakfast. Once there, we rented a boat and hired a guide to take us into the Sea of Cortez to swim with whale sharks. Yes, we went swimming with those gentle, primordial, spotted behemoths of the deep! It was an experience I will never forget. Proximity to the slow grace of the massive beasts was awe-inspiring and exhilarating. Equally exhilarating was the moment I convinced myself to jump into the choppy waters along with them and even more exhilarating was the second I hit the water and realized how unbelievably cold it was. Good thing I had adrenaline in addition to my wetsuit to keep me warm!

A must see restaurant when traveling through Cabo is Flora Farm. Make a reservation, because it’s a popular place and set your GPS, because it’s at the end of a convoluted series of dirt roads but the experience is well worth it. The vegetable farm surrounding the restaurant is landscaped like a flower garden. They have incredible cocktails and world-class food made from farm fresh meats and vegetables, and local seafood. Tuesday is fried chicken night if you’re longing for something that doesn’t involve avocado and lime, and they top it off with homemade coconut cream pie.

Alas, it was eventually time to go home to Minnesota and we had to say farewell to the infinity pools and the cactus, the butler and the kiwi popsicles. The frigid cold of St Paul in winter was a startling reminder that Cabo and Las Ventanas were a world away. But was it all a dream? No, señor.

From Art Crawls to Whale Watching

By Marie McKay | Los Cabos, Mexico

Marie and her husband Randy are fractional owners in Elite’s Palmilla Retreat

Family is so important to both Randy and I. Like many others, we tend to get so wrapped up in our own lives that we lose track of the people that are dearest to us. That’s why we invite family and friends to join us on vacation in Cabo. I just love waking up in the morning knowing that everyone is there.

Randy likes to get up around 5:30 every morning, and walk up the hill near our house, with a chair and a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. I like to sip coffee with my sisters a little later in the morning. At some point in the day we hop in our golf cart and make our way to the private Beach Club that we have privileged access to. We’ve made friends with most of the staff like Charlie, who works at the beach. He sets us up with paddle-boarding, sailing, snorkeling, any kind of water sport on the calmest bay in all of Cabo. Another one of our favorite things is to take Yoga classes at the state of the art fitness center and spa complete with an outdoor Yoga Pavilion that overlooks the ocean. One day we had the masseuse come to the Villa – she gave massage, after massage to our entire family. I am glad I got mine first.

Some of the best memories come from our meals together. We first all go shopping together at Mega, the huge grocery store, splitting up the shopping list between all of us. Whatever people come back with is what we have for dinner that night. Sitting around the table, I always ask – “What was the favorite part of your day?” The answers get more colorful after a few glasses of wine.

Elite’s Concierge, Paul, (yes, you have your own personal Concierge to arrange anything you would like), greets us at the home with warm quesadilla’s and cool margaritas. On our last trip he arranged the most amazing whale watching cruise. Take a look at the video below, it’s of Randy almost touching the whale!

We recently discovered the Thursday Night Art Crawl in San Jose del Cabo, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite things. Everything feels festive, you drink a little wine, look at some art, and enjoy the shabby-chic cafes. The town is adorable.

Having a meeting place for our family and friends has been an amazing thing for us. And having a second home in a vacation destination is an absolute no-brainer. When the temperature drops and the wind is howling, paradise is only a plane-ride away.

Read more about the McKay’s and their experience of working with Elite in the current edition of Artful Living Magazine (pg 196)

The Ultimate Place to Play, Discover or Recharge

By Adrienne Clairmont | Los Cabos

Ceviche. Deep-sea fishing. Horseback Riding. Jet skiing. Turquoise Jewelry. Amazing sunsets. Desert forest. Tequila. Golf.  Nightclubs.

When asked what my favorite things about Los Cabos, Mexico are, I found myself struggling to narrow down the options to a concise list. Every time I visit Los Cabos, I find myself discovering new favorites, often in places I thought I had exhausted. Offering a myriad of entertainment options, Los Cabos is the perfect destination no matter how you are looking to spend your vacation.

For fishing enthusiasts, charter an expedition into the Pacific and spend the day deep-sea fishing. We wound up in the battle of our lives and after almost three hours, pulled a four hundred pound Marlin out of the water. If you prefer to stay firmly on dry land, Los Cabos offers some of the world’s best golf courses, including Cabo Real, Cabo del Sol, and Campestre.

In downtown Cabo, take a stroll along the Marina and stop at one of the many restaurants for some fresh ceviche and lobster tacos. Down the street from the Giggling Marlin, one of Cabo’s wildest nightclubs, is one of my favorite restaurants- El Coral. Solomon, the bartender, is a charming conversationalist and the bar is a prime location to watch all the street performers. Afterwards, take in some of Cabo’s famous nightlife and barhop your way through El Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo, and the Nowhere Bar.

If you get tired of the glitter of Cabo San Lucas, journey to the nearby San Jose del Cabo. This historic artist’s town is the known for its many galleries and high quality paintings, as well as the Art Crawl that occurs every Thursday. The galleries stay open late and there is an abundance of wine, and of course, tequila. There is a festivalesque feel to the air as locals and tourists come together to celebrate local treasures.

Of course, the crowning jewel of Los Cabos is its position on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific. At any of the spectacular beaches in the area, you will find a number of walking vendors, whose wares range from hats and scarves to exquisitely crafted silver and turquoise jewelry. Take in the vista lounging in a hammock, racing on an ATV, or prancing through the surf on horseback.

Whatever you choose to do, Cabo is the ultimate place to play, discover or recharge. Come and see for yourself!

Taking it All In

By Jacob Semling | Los Cabos

Posted 11/10/2011
I was lucky enough to visit Elite’s Cabo homes for my first ever trip out of the country!  Having travelled during the Minnesota winter, the first thing I noticed upon stepping out off the plane was the warm sea air.

My first couple nights were at Palmilla Retreat.  It was a very comfortable and luxurious stay.  The highlight was being able to take advantage of the guest membership at Club 96!  All of our guests at Palmilla Retreat receive free access to this wonderful resort with an infinity pool, lap pool and of course a hot tub.  After eating lunch poolside with my colleagues, we spent time on the private beach.  It was a blast!

The next several nights were spent at Las Mananitas Penthouse.  My favorite memory would have to be enjoying an authentic Mexican meal that was prepared by a fantastic cook, the mother of our Cabo Concierge.  We dined at sunset on the terrace while overlooking the resort pools, the sandy beach and the pristine ocean.

Lastly, I stayed at Casa Celina, which is located in the world-class resort at Las Ventanas.  As we got out of our car we were immediately attended to by the wonderful staff, who assisted us with our luggage and guided us to our room.  I very quickly understood why they call Las Ventanas a “world class resort.”  They provide a very indulgent and unique experience, one of my favorite touches being the elaborate sand drawings that they display nightly by firelight. And again I could spend the entire time eating, as the restaurants there were so decadent and delicious.

I also had the opportunity to explore San Jose del Cabo.  I went whale watching on a private boat and words cannot describe what it was like to be so close, arms-length away, to the calm, majestic animals.  I also went on a sunset ATV tour that took our group through the hills and ended on the beach, just as the sun slipped away.  An adventure I will never forget!

I look forward to the day that I can return to Cabo.  It was a trip with so many memories that I would love to experience again!


A Relaxed Pulse on Life

By Laurie Flum | Los Cabos

As I walked along the beach in complete awe of the calming waves and soft sands, I glanced back over my shoulder and found my footprints following me. At that moment I had a sense of accomplishment, not for the footprints that I saw in the sand but for what each step meant to my life. My husband, children, our home, my 25+ year career with EDH….many things that were behind me….well done. It teased me to think of what is still ahead.

Something about the wonderful views (all you need to do is look around), great food at Zippers and the local relaxed pulse on life allowed me to relax, reflect and rejuvenate in a way going to the cabin or Wisconsin Dells just never allowed. Don’t get me wrong, all of the family trips to the cabin every summer were great and Wisconsin Dells is the capital of water fun, but combine them and that’s an Elite Destination vacation.

Paul Thrane took such good care of me. His concierge style put me to ease the minute I met him. I even talked him into teaching me to boogie board…..well at least trying to teach me. It was an experience of a life time and I would certainly go again and again!

Cabo is wonderful and I’ll always consider it one of my top vacation destinations!