It’s never too early to start planning a Spring Break getaway to Cabos San Lucas as March and April’s reservations typically fill extremely fast at this oceanside paradise. Cabo is widely known as the college Spring Break capital of the world. Not only does Cabo have some of Mexico’s best nightclubs, but it’s also a beautiful oceanside city worth exploring. Just like any popular Spring Break destination, there are some quintessential things to remember when traveling to a foreign country. Elite Destination Homes currently has an available world-class luxury vacation house, Casa Mar y Estrella, which overlooks the azure Pacific Ocean. We also have a few safety in Cabo tips for your week in paradise.

Safety in Cabo Tips

There are many things to consider before exploring Cabo San Lucas. For those who have visited Cabo, Spring Break is one of the most memorable getaways, but there are always those one-in-a-million occasions where someone gets hurt, robbed, or stranded. So, here are eight tips to having an incredible time at Cabo Spring Break.

Bring a copy of your passport. Passports, much like cash, phones, and wallets, tend to go missing quite a bit during Spring Break. Always have a backup plan.

Stick to touristy areas. Visit frequented areas such as beautiful Land’s End, shopping mecca San Jose del Cabo, and scenic Lover’s Beach.

Buy travel insurance. Many terrific travel insurance policies cover injury, illness, and emergency evacuations.

Don’t drive at night. Explore this beautiful region during the daylight. Casa Mar y Estrella has everything for a perfect night under the stars: hot tub, infinity pool, wine bar, fireplace, and rooftop deck.

Be careful when swimming. Cabo San Lucas’ rip currents and tides can be powerful. Stay close to the beach if you’re planning on jumping in for a refreshing swim.

Leave expensive jewelry at home. The U.S. State Department Travel Advisories believes flashy or expensive-looking jewelry makes you a target for potential theft.

Carry cash and emergency phone numbers. You don’t want to lose your credit card in any scenario. Always have emergency phone numbers available in case you lose your smartphone.

Travel in groups. Avoid traveling alone in Cabo, much like any other major city. Safety in Cabo is the name of the game.

Casa Mar y Estrella

You and seven of your best friends can spend a week in heaven during Cabo Spring Break at the Casa Mar y Estrella in nearby Puerto Los Cabos. The Casa Mar y Estrella, which sleeps eight comfortably, features a glamorous outdoor pool, pleasing open layout, luxurious furnishings, and beautiful artwork. The home rests on a tall hill, overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés. It will be hard to pry yourself from this lavish palace during Spring Break – it’s that beautiful. Casa Mar y Estrella is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, each morning, before heading back to lively Cabo San Lucas. Dial 1-651-389-3843, or visit our detailed website for more details.