Cabo BeachSunbathing is the most common midday activity in Los Cabos among travelers (combined with a bit of swimming and snorkeling, of course). Nothing beats an afternoon spent sprawled out on an idyllic Cabo beach with your toes in the warm sand. Unlike many other overcrowded tropical destinations, many of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas see very little foot traffic despite featuring dramatic cliffs and unobstructed views of the picturesque Sea of Cortez. And don’t forget that Elite Destination Homes has nearly a dozen luxury rental properties within steps of a dreamlike Cabo beach, including the grand, ocean-view Villa Jacqueline.

The 3 Best Cabo San Lucas Beaches

As you can probably imagine, narrowing down our favorite swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas was quite challenging. Each sandy Cabo beach has an array of enticing attributes, including expansive ocean views, pristine sand, and nearby eateries. But these destinations truly stand out among the rest for three very different reasons: beauty, snorkeling, and location.

Playa del Amor (Lovers Beach)

Cabo BeachPlaya del Amor (known to most travelers as “Lovers Beach”) is within walking distance of the heart of the city, so don’t be surprised to bump into a sea of beachgoers during peak weekend hours. But the surrounding beauty, most notably the towering cliffs along its boundaries, places Playa del Amor in the conversation for the world’s prettiest beach. It’s quite common for sailboats, midsized cruise ships, water taxis, and paddleboarders to explore the rocky outskirts of this tropical haven. Playa del Amor isn’t the lengthiest Cabo beach, so remember to arrive early to obtain an idyllic spot in the sand. Many water taxis allow beachgoers to get a better vantage point of the dramatic cliffs that tower above the Sea of Cortez. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for sea lions!

Chileno Beach

Cabo BeachWhereas Playa del Amor sees frequent sailboat and water taxi traffic, Chileno Beach has strict rules that don’t allow motorized vessels into the area. Locals rever this stretch of Cabo beach property for its water quality, on-site services, pretty palapas, ample parking, and, of course, the city’s best snorkeling. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with sunbathing, tossing a Frisbee, and playing fetch, locals typically visit Chileno Beach to do one thing: swim alongside sea turtles, manta rays, soft corals, starfish, sponges, and many more aquatic beauties.

Medano Beach

Cabo BeachWhile Chileno Beach features the best snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach is the city’s most popular gathering place for travelers and locals alike. The people-watching is only outdone by Medano’s proximity to the area’s most luxuriant beach homes, including Hacienda Tranquila, a two-bedroom condo with a covered terrace, chef’s kitchen, and three outdoor pools. Not only is Medano the most-visited Cabo beach, but its proximity to ice-cold beer, refreshing margaritas, and authentic Mexican fare is a massive selling point for visitors. Medano’s shallow waters are a common gathering space for beachgoers who aim to escape the heat for an hour or two.

Walk to a Beautiful Cabo Beach

As we mentioned earlier, Elite Destination Homes has a growing collection of oceanside luxury rentals within steps of several local beaches. We’re one of the only vacation rental management companies with units in the heart of Los Cabos. Villa Bonita a la Estancia, despite being our most affordable option in the area, sleeps eight and is a short walk from Medano Beach. This dazzling villa has an instant wow factor, thanks to its wraparound terrace, massive king bedrooms, marble showers, and artistic decor. To learn more about our eight Cabo vacation rentals, please give us a call today at 1-651-389-3843 (or check availability online).