Reconnect with friends and family on a serene escape to North Carolina’s breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Forge Lake Lodge combines luxurious old-warm charm and the beautiful natural surroundings of Lake Nantahala. The lodge is an experience all by itself: awe-inspiring mountain vistas, hand-carved 19th-century European cabinetry, and a massive moose antler chandelier. This lake-view paradise was forged into the mountainside, thus earning the namesake Forge Lake Lodge. As difficult as it may be to pry yourself from the vast property, the surrounding nature trails, picturesque waterfalls, and world-class whitewater rafting will allure guests for at least an afternoon of mountain adventure. All other North Carolina lake resorts pale in comparison to this secluded log palace.

No Cell Service, No Problem

Forge Lake Lodge is so spectacularly remote that there is entirely no cell service. Your family will no longer have the urge to check their smartphones by the time your week-long vacation in paradise is over. Whether you’re drinking a French roast coffee on a terrace overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, whitewater rafting up the Nantahala River, or fishing for a delicious walleye on Lake Nantahala, the last thing you’ll have on your mind is what your smartphone.

World-Class Amenities and Artistry

Forge Lake Lodge is a 16-person, 10,000 square foot wood and stone castle with four unique fireplaces, four stunning terraces, two bars, a private dock, and an outdoor hot tub. A concierge is always on-call via landline if any questions should arise. Mosey down to the fully-stocked wine cellar for a bottle of the finest regional wine and make a heartfelt toast on the terrace as the sun sets behind the western mountain range. Every square inch of Forge Lake Lodge was meticulously designed, built, and carved to ensure this lakeside haven feels like home. No other North Carolina lake resorts are nearly as elegant, artistic, and luxurious – Forge Lake Lodge is a quintessential locale for any family reunion or anniversary celebration.

Outdoor Adventure

Forge Lake Lodge’s architecture and location were chosen to provide an experience like none other: a secluded, unplugged lodge with supreme old-world charm steps from endless lake and mountain adventure. Anglers from across the region visit tranquil Lake Nantahala for exceptional bass fishing. The lake is also home to delicious walleye, rare kokanee salmon, and beautiful steelhead trout. Explore this stunningly natural lake by paddling through the calm sapphire water on a kayak, canoe, or SUP. Western North Carolina is an outdoor enthusiast’s dreamland. Spend each day hiking, mountain biking, swimming, whitewater rafting, waterfalling, horseback riding, or rock climbing. Elite Destination Homes has the most luxurious vacation home rentals in the U.S. Don’t waste your time with other North Carolina lake resorts; Forge Lake Lodge is the dream location for any family reunion, group outing, or anniversary party!