By Bill Bisanz | Anguilla

Anyone who has driven around Anguilla has probably developed the underappreciated skill of maneuvering around the goats that freely roam the island. And as you’re supposed to do this while driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road in this British Overseas Territory, you may start to feel a little like James Bond — even if you’re not behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

Thankfully, these bearded billies are slow, friendly and happy to step out of the way (with a little encouragement). That pretty much captures the low-key, casual vibe of the island. On Anguilla, the locals are a wonderfully sunny blend of reggae music meets British colonial. These endearing Anguillan characteristics are great for visitors, as part of the adventure of Anguilla is asking for directions as you get lost exploring the numerous, pristine beaches that are tucked into the island’s ruggedly beautiful coastline.

Some of my Anguilla favorites include:

  • Homemade Johnny Cakes and ribs at front-yard weekend BBQ stands
  • Reggae music with my feet in the sand at Gwen’s Reggae Grill
  • Hungry’s food truck in The Valley – Try the Kingfish Creole!
  • Wild stingrays gliding next to us through the illuminated shallows while dining at Cap Jalucca’s elegant Pimm’s Restaurant

Anguilla is an unspoiled treasure where development has been held in check, and where the soul of the island still beats strong. The food is amazing (dozens of exceptional restaurants) and the beaches are hard to beat. Make sure you bring a good book and good company or you might be spending more time relaxing with the goats than you planned on!