Hole in One! 3 Paramount Los Cabos Golf Courses

The time to book a flight to stunning Los Cabos is now. The winter crowds are dispersing, the temperatures are rising, and the golf season is heating up. Look no further for your next Los Cabos luxury vacation, because world-renowned Elite Destination Homes has the premier rentals in coastal Mexico. Our lavish rentals are always a short ride from dozens of the world’s top golf courses. Los Cabos, on the south end of the Baja Peninsula, has breathtaking views of the marine blue Pacific Ocean and the gorgeously eroded bluffs. Choosing where to stay in Los Cabos is easy: Casa Mar y Estrella. Deciding where to play a round of golf is difficult. That’s where we come in.


No Los Cabos luxury vacation is complete without a round of golf at Puerto Los Cabos. Designed by Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, this 27-hole masterpiece has premier Sierra de la Laguna mountain and Sea of Cortez vistas. Hitting your Titleist out of one of their sandtraps will feel like a day at the beach. Every last hole has panoramic views of the ocean. No other course can match the majestic beauty at Puerto Los Cabos. Casa Mar y Estrella, our prized four-bedroom paradise, is steps away from this remarkable golf course. Estrella has a heavenly infinity pool overlooking the Sea of Cortez, a rooftop terrace with a fire pit, and a wine bar in the great room. It’s going to be difficult prying yourself from this oasis.


One of the world’s great courses rests on the cliffs of the Pacific, near the lively town of Cabo San Lucas. Quivira is equally a golfing treasure and a natural spectacle. Quivira is a challenging course, mainly because of the continual spectacular cliff-faces and rock-encrusted sand ridges. The course is a short distance from our cultural Hacienda Caroline, ocean-view Hacienda Medano and Tranquila, and beachfront Villa Bonita a la Estancia. These three vacation rentals all have one essential attribute in common: wow-factor.


Palmilla Golf Club offers the same Sea of Cortez views as Quivira and Puerto Los Cabos, but you’re a touch closer to nature. It has three distinct nine-hole courses—mountain, ocean, and arroyo—and each has million-dollar views, pristine greens, and scenic natural surroundings. Palmilla’s cactuses splendidly stand out while the area’s architecture adds extra flair. Our fractional ownership property, Palmilla Retreat, is down the road from the golf course. This Los Cabos luxury vacation home is second-to-none. Guests at Palmilla Retreat have exclusive access to lively oceanside Club 96 and relaxing Espiritu Spa. The choice is simple: your next golf getaway will be on the jaw-dropping shores of Los Cabos.

Hunting Down 3 Local Cafés You Must Try in Paris!

A vacation to Paris, France, may end up being the most memorable trip of your lifetime, and with dozens, if not hundreds, of sights to see you’ll want to make every stop, sip, and bite count. Luckily, Elite Destination Homes has spectacular vacation apartment rentals doused in luxury and charm, right in the heart of the greatest city on Earth. To make your vacation with us even more memorable, here are three unmissable local cafés worth every penny.


A hidden gem if there ever was one, Le Peloton Café lies on a quiet, historic street only 500 feet from the Seine River. This unpretentious, hip café aims at making the best espresso in Paris, and perhaps the tastiest waffles you’ll ever consume. What Le Peloton lacks in posh and capacity, is made up in fresh, quality ingredients, and fast and friendly service. Their flat white coffee will still be on your mind long after you’ve returned home.

The first thing you’ll notice when entering this superb café is the rousing aroma of the fresh-made waffles. Indulging in the cheese and ham waffles might be the best decision of your life. Le Peloton is also walking distance from many landmarks, including the Louvre and Notre-Dame Cathedral. It’s also a short drive from the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro, and the Arc de Triomphe.


Located across the lazy Seine River from one of Paris’ grandest attractions, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, is the best pastry café in France. A. Lacroix Pâtissier features delectable, handcrafted pastries, desserts, and snacks in a down-to-earth café setting with unbeatable views of the cathedral and river.

Absolutely try the locally roasted coffee and sourced tea. Both pair perfectly with their sizable macaroons and croissants. The friendly staff at A. Lacroix Pâtissier will greet you with a smile, and your sweet tooth will be forever satisfied. You’ll thank us later.


No Paris vacation is complete without an afternoon meal at the city’s oldest café: Le Procope. This popular and luxurious café, founded in 1686, is centrally located and within walking distance to both the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and our lavish Rue Saints Peres and Rue Du Four vacation apartment rentals. Dine in maximal elegance in the main room, endowed with crystal chandeliers, 18th-century window drapes, and stunning French paintings.

The fresh seafood at Le Procope is to-die-forenjoy succulent scallops, clams, salmon, cod, or pollock with a glass of Paris’ finest white wine. You’re guaranteed to get swept away by Le Procope’s whimsical atmosphere and indelible cuisine.


Equally crucial on your Paris vacation is selecting the best accommodation, and Elite Destination Homes can help with that. Le Triomphe, located within walking distance of remarkable shopping and grandiose attractions, is a three-bedroom luxury apartment with a taste of the past. Rue Du Four and Rue Saints Peres are both in the St. Germain neighborhood, a lively, youthful area just meters away from the Luxembourg Gardens. These two apartments combine modern art, old-world charm, and magnificent street views. There’s no better time than now to explore the best city in the world.

A Vacation to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions!

5 of the Top New Year’s Resolutions you can do while on vacation in the Turks and Caicos

1. Lose Weight and Eat More Healthfully

Providenciales is noted for its culinary sophistication and offers a variety of healthy options any menu.

Another fantastic option is utilizing the gourmet kitchens featured in our villas and go to Graceway Gourmet for any healthy grocery needs. Graceway is an upmarket type of store right in the heart of Grace Bay. Graceway Gourmet features a great selection of meats, fish, produce, plus all the other necessities for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks. The store also has a complete wine and spirits selection, and of course, ice cold beer for a relaxing day on the beach on the water. There’s even in an in-store deli, salad bar and coffee shop.


2. Exercise More

Enjoy yoga on the beach or Providenciales is home to a world-class gym called Wrightfully Fit.

Grace Bay Beach also provides a great opportunity to start getting into shape.

At over 12 miles of beach, it’s perfect for walking and jogging, as well as some activities can only be experienced in the Turks and Caicos.

A great workout for your core, paddle boarding and kayaking is also a fun way to get out and move your body while exploring the natural environment of this pristine corner of the Caribbean.


3. Spend More Time With Your Family

Coming to Providenciales makes it easier to reconnect with your family, and pay attention to the moments that matter.

While on your family vacation, charter a private cruise or go horseback riding. Or just build a massive sand castle with the kids on Grace Bay Beach. There are endless opportunities to reconnect with your family while you’re here.


4.  Try Something New

When you’re in the Turks and Caicos you’ll have the time to try something new. The challenge will be deciding what you want to do. Providenciales is one of the best places in the world to try kiteboarding, it is a real workout and provides some spectacular stories to tell your friends and family back home.


5.  Work Less Play More

You will be on 12 miles of powdery white sand…kick back and relax.

Tips for Finding the Best Luxury Property Management Co

Luxury Property ManagementYou’ve had your second home for a while now, and you’re starting to think it’s a good time to rent your property, but you’re just not sure about who the best luxury property management company is. Or you might be in the market for finding a new property management partner. There are a few things you’ll want to keep an eye on when searching for a leading luxury-focused management company and we’ve got all the tips and tricks you could need to reevaluate and benefit from your next luxury property management company.

1. Services

To start out, we’re guessing you didn’t buy your stunning second home just for it to sit there or spend weeks if not months managing it yourself. You most likely purchased to invest in it somehow, whether you have been working with a management company for a while or you just want some return on this investment, with our professional management team, you’ll be able to acquire that return and more successfully.

You’re also going to want to have someone who you can trust will service your home properly and take the stress out of your busy and hectic life. With a top luxury property management company the only focus you’ll need to do on your unique home, is time well spent on a vacation! Everything else, a great vacation management company can handle, view more about our en-suite of fabulous services we offer our owners.

2. Guest Experience

We know that in this luxury industry not only are you expecting more from your second home, but the guests that stay there do as well. When placing your property in the hands of our professionals, we’ll deliver customer service that will create a pleasant travel experience for all involved. From the time of booking your family or guests will come to a fully prepared home with all the necessary household amenities. Guests also receive a fabulous pre-stay concierge service to help them with their vacation planning, as well as coordinating with local staff for additional services upon arrival, finally contacting guests after stay is our top-notch approach for following up with comments and positive reviews.

3. Top Luxury Inventory

When looking for a Luxury Property Management company, you’ll find that our inventory surpasses much of our competition, especially when you want to rank next to some of the best properties. We recommend checking out inventory that is currently managed by a vacation rental company. From this step, you’ll be able to see where the experience of caring for wonderful homes like yours. Do you want to rank next to those vacation homes? If so you should learn more about what a luxury property management company can do for you!

4. Market to Return

It’s important to note that any great vacation rental company is going to have some marketing presence to ensure you get the most value out our your investment. When you have a stronger return on your investment, you’ll have a higher occupancy which equates to more revenue in the long run. More revenue means a higher return on your value. With the proper marketing tactics used to intrigue luxury branded travelers to your destination home is not only better for your property, but we can get you there.

5. Added Perks

With so many options for a genuine luxury property management company, it can often be hard to choose which one is the best. Sometimes it can come down to the added perks of what you get with your services. Most companies are going to focus on technology, your return, and services but not many will offer more than that. At Elite Destination Homes, you’ll find that our home exchange program might come in handy. This fantastic add-on means that you’ll get to travel the world all the while reaping the financial benefits of owning more, for less!


Ready to take that leap towards rental management so you can get to spend more time relaxing? Take a glimpse at our services to learn more about how Elite Destination Homes can help you improve customer service, guest expectations, finding the best leading inventory, marketing your property for a higher return value, and our unique perks of partnering with one of the best luxury property management companies.


Head South this Autumn for a Dream Vacation

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesSummer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner. With temperatures beginning to cool-off slightly south of the border, it’s time to think about planning your dream vacation. When working with our leading travel experts on vacationing to Los Cabos Mexico, you’ll find lots of luxury rental options to choose. Once you’ve selected your desired home, planning for your vacation can begin! Here are three reasons to travel to Mexico this fall season for a magical getaway you won’t forget.

Fall Travel in Mexico

Each season in Mexico offers a different experience to travelers; wintertime sees an influx of visitors as many people from colder climates travel south to warm up for a few days or a few weeks. Spring brings a simple but peaceful time because the busy season is dwindling and temperatures begin to climb again. Summer is bustling with activities in and around towns especially along the coastal locations like Los Cabos Mexico. Although all of these times of year are renowned for heading south, for frequent travelers, they often will say that fall is truly the best time of the year.

It’s also a perfect time for your dream vacation with your loved one. Planning a romantic trip is easy when the crowds aren’t as large, and you can see plenty of sights on your own. You can also bring the family as well; especially if it’s a long holiday weekend for the kids at school. Just tack on a few extra days off for them, and you will be set for the ultimate family vacation that could rival any summer trip.

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesAutumn Weather to Expect

You might be wondering why fall? Falls seems to be synonymous with back to school, busy work weeks, and not much time for a vacation. If you didn’t make it out for a summer trip, fall brings a particularly good time of the year to travel. As the temps have cooled down, because much of the summer months revolve around the rainy season, you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy the weather without getting caught in a downpour.

We highly advise that you keep an eye on the weather no matter what season you spend in Mexico. It’s also important to remember that summer through fall is hurricane season, and it will end in November. In regards to what you should make sure you have in your carry-on, including a rain jacket for that day in case, it does sprinkle and a few sweaters as the nights tend to get chilly. Most of the time, the weather can be quite humid, so light and comfortable clothing are key for your dream vacation!

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesSeasonal Festivities

There is something special about going to Mexico during the harvest season because their annual festivals start to shine. September marks El Mes de la Patria, which translates to the month of the homeland. Plus it’s also  Mexico’s Independence, and many locations have month long celebrations for that. With the massive amount of patriotism, you might want to see what events are occurring within Los Cabos. October brings, even more, culture with one of its biggest cultural festivals of the year, the Festival International Cervantino. The month also ends on a high note with the events of Day of the Dead that span October 31 through November 2. Finally, November hosts Revolution Day on the third Monday in November, but parades and parties can take place throughout the month.

While the summer is slowly drawing to end, don’t worry that you haven’t been able to set out on your dream vacation. It’s coming up this autumn season! Book your trip with a charming, luxury vacation rental from Elite Destination Homes. You’ll love spending time nestled along the coast in Los Cabos Mexico, and adventure out into the town to experience the sights, sounds, and culture during the harvest months.


How to Choose your Vacation Destination

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesYou’ve made the decision to travel, but you’re honestly not sure where you’d like to go. The beginning of your planning is going to start with a destination for a vacation with family, friends, couples, or even yourself! With rentals that span the entire globe from Europe to Central America, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from – but what if all the rentals look AMAZING – what do you do now? We’re here to help you choose the best destination home for you and your budget.

Let’s Ask Some Questions!

First up, how does one choose a destination when everything on the market, sounds like so much fun? It’s time to ask some serious questions to help narrow down your selection of locations.


Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesQuestion 1: City, Beach, or the Countryside?

This inquiry alone will help you immensely. Are you looking at the city as an option for a travel spot? Nothing is better than New York City, the Big Apple; you name it – New York has it. Plus, it’s playground is a lot larger than you imagine it to be, even on the small Manhattan Island, the city dominates.

Want something a bit more subtle, like a beach? Head south and by south we mean the Caribbean for soft, sandy beaches for miles. All of our options will get you in the perfect relaxation mode, plus it’s a destination where your worries can float away.

Does countryside living sound perfect to you? Look into a European vacation destination. Our Rentals in Italy, France, and Scotland will place you smack-dab in the middle of miles and miles of sprawling countryside.

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesQuestion 2: Warm or Cold Weather?

Planning your getaway is also incumbent upon the weather – do you want to go somewhere sunny and warm, or crisp and cool? This question mainly just separates which hemisphere you’d like to be on – North or South.

For nice cooler weather, check out our rentals in the United States especially around Utah for a beautiful view of the mountains while also staying cozy in the cabin-like rental options. It’s a great choice year-round, as the season’s change, so does the temperature, but it won’t be as warm in the summer as say, the Caribbean or other locations south of the border.

Need something a little warmer? Summertime in Central America is ideal for anyone wanting to be toasty warm while sipping on some tequila. Many of our fabulous rentals in Mexico offer decks for lounging, while a few of them are just a few steps away from the beach. You’ll love the warm air and soft ocean breeze when you visit.

Question 3: What are the Local Amenities?

What would you like to do doing during your vacation? This topic is a big one because how you spend your vacation and what you do can change the entire trip!

Being adventurous can get you to see new sights, experience the land, and enjoy fun activities that get you moving. While relaxing is also fantastic, spas or lounging by a pool can bring peace and tranquility to any getaway.

However, you decide to enjoy you trip know that there are plenty of amenities around the world to keep you busy as bee or soaking in the much-needed rejuvenation of a vacation.

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesCheck out this Featured Rental!

You’ve got your vacation location ready, now, it’s time for you to choose from our selection of destination homes! It’s a perfect time to head to the country for some much-needed relaxation at our new Highland Retreat, located in the Scottish Highlands. Ideal for those who want to get away to the rolling hills and Scotland’s amazing scenic surroundings. With easy access to Edinburgh, Inverness, and London, there is sure to be plenty for you to do on your European travels.

Finding the excellent rental or top destination homes is easy when paired with Elite Destination Homes. Our talented team works endlessly to find only the prime locations for our guests to visit and with years of travel ourselves, we’re sure to help you find not only the best place but also your home away from home. Don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong spot for your getaway! Give us a call at 866.650.4334 for any questions about traveling with us and how to make the most out of your trip.

Experience New York’s Leading Destination Home

 Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation Homes New York City is a vibrant and welcoming destination to visit year-round. You’ll want to spend warmer days traversing the greenery of Central Park, venturing to the cutting-edge lower east side to see what’s new or strolling to a relaxing bistro in the upper west side. On cooler days you might think about revamping your wardrobe at the Shops at Columbus Circle, enjoying a Broadway show or pampering yourself at a spa.  There is truly everything here in NY to do when you vacation at Central Park Place. Elite Destination Homes is here to make your vacation to the Big Apple worth every penny.

Location, Location, Location

You hear it all the time, location is everything in New York, and when you stay at One Central Park, you will have the finest.  Located in the Trump International Hotel on the corner of Central Park Place and Columbus Circle you’ll find your New York vacation home base.  Here in the heart of Manhattan – the most densely populated of NYC’s five boroughs – and adjacent to Central Park, this magnificent structure provides every comfort and convenience. It’s truly an unbeatable location for a vacation getaway in New York. You’ll discover your home away from home, on floor five out of 56 levels, and as a guest, you also have access to all of the hotel amenities.

 Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesOne Central Park Place

Space in the Big Apple can be limited, yet this naturally-illuminated and well-designed executive suite of 700 square feet offers everything you need.  One king bedroom, one bathroom, a spacious living area, as well as a beautiful kitchen will make you feel at home when you stay with us in NYC. Whether you decide to dine in style at the Jean-Georges restaurant, eat out at one of the myriad eateries, or opt to stay in for a chef cooked meal, you won’t be disappointed. Feast over elegant china plates and drink from beautiful crystal glassware, where laughter, love, and great conversation meet at the dinner table.

The master bedroom will greet you with a cozy and comfy king sized bed. Once you head hits the fluffy pillows, you’ll be able to relax after a day of touring the city’s finest venues and attractions. There is an additional sleeping area on the queen size pull out sofa nestled within the living room. You’ll also love stepping into the marble-tiled master bathroom where the jacuzzi tub will help you unwind after a long day. Uncork a bottle of wine and savor this magical retreat.

 Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesGet More out of NYC

Looking to get more out of your experience to New York? No problem! Trump International Hotel offers an attentive concierge service. You’ll be able to have a meet and greet right at the Hotel with a home familiarization of services and amenities as well as placing cleaning requests. You can change your requests throughout your stay, along with the coordination of in-house chef and spa services. As a five star hotel, Trump Hotel amenities include room service, taxi service for your day’s events, dining reservations in the on-site restaurant, theater tickets to local shows, signature turndown service at nighttime, personal attaché service, and babysitting services are available if needed. Plus, the concierge is on-call to help you with any whim, so we’re sure your stay will be a memorable one!


Family Friendly Homes at Elite Destination Homes

Destination Homes, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Elite rentals, Family Friendly Vacation Homes


Elite Destination Homes isn’t just for couples or groups of friends. Bring the whole family and experience a fantastic vacation with everyone! No need to leave the kids at home with a babysitter, let them join you on your getaway of a lifetime. Here are our favorite family-friendly villas to enjoy your Elite rental.


Orlando Family Vacation

Ready for your Florida vacation? Our Lakeland Estate is perfect for families! Not only does it have four bedrooms, accommodating up to nine people, but one of the bedrooms is a kids room. It will be hard to pull your children away from this rental; the kid’s room comes fully stocked with PS4 console and games, bunk beds, and there is a full basketball court outside. Plus, this estate is only a few minutes away from fun in Orlando. Experience Legoland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld (15-45 minutes depending on location) when staying at this fantastic home.

Destination Homes Elite Vacations/Rentals, Elite rentals, Family Friendly Vacation Homes
The Rich Coast

Our Casa La Big Sur is located in Costa Rica and ideal for families or gatherings. Designed with beautiful coastline views in mind, everyone will enjoy the coast when visiting. On 9 acres of land and gated, this home boasts an on-site security and alarm system so you shouldn’t have to worry if you leave the kids playing in the game room while you get groceries. Plus, the area is full of life and activities at every corner you and yours won’t ever get bored!

Beautiful by Nature

There are plenty of islands to fit every family’s needs in the Caribbean, but we recommend visiting Villa La Percha in Turks and Caicos for an unforgettable and unique experience. Right next to Taylor Bay your family will enjoy spending their days kayaking and snorkeling with new gear. The primary focus of this rental is it’s large, spacious pool deck, perfect for gatherings. You’ll love all the family time you’ll get when renting this beautiful Caribbean home.


Create an incredible vacation with your family when picking one of our amazing Elite rentals. Elite Destination Homes will help make sure your family has the best getaway, whether stateside or out of the country. You’re just minutes away from your luxury vacation of a lifetime.  Book your rental today and start planning for your delightful retreat.

Art & Culture on a European Luxury Vacation

European Luxury Vacation, Luxury Villas Los Cabos, Destination Homes, Elite Vacations/Rentals,Europe is one of those places where history is embedded in every corner, and France is not an exception. Your Elite Destination Homes retreat would not be the same if you did not immerse yourself within the art and culture while staying in Paris. When you choose to stay at one of our destination homes; Le Triomphe, Rue du Four, or Rue Saints Peres, you will have all that you need to enjoy the sights, sounds, and lifestyle of a Parisian. Below we have listed a few must-see museums to experience the rich traditions and artwork of the past and present during your European luxury vacation.


If you want to get a taste of artwork from late 1800’s through early 1900’s, this is the museum for you! You will be enthralled to walk through 60 years of art history from Impressionism all the way to the Pont-Aven School. That means, Van Gogh, Courbet, Manet, and Monet. This beautiful museum is set within its architectural feat, an impressive metal and glass structure which once was an old train station. We recommend that you enjoy a sip of coffee and a treat from their onsite café.

European Luxury Vacation, Luxury Villas Los Cabos, Destination Homes, Elite Vacations/Rentals,

Petit Palais

This little museum makes our list for art and culture in Paris, just steps from its big brother (Le Grand Palais). Full of painting and sculptures from the 1900’s, this is an Art Nouveau fan’s dream come true. With beautiful knick knacks, furniture, and jewelry, among other artwork, you will enjoy the fine art of Petit Palais. Originally built for the World’s Fair in 1900, this small museum is the perfect spot to see some amazing pieces. We recommend you take a break while visiting and enjoy the courtyard which the museum encompasses.

European Luxury Vacation, Luxury Villas Los Cabos, Destination Homes, Elite Vacations/Rentals,

The Louvre

We cannot leave The Louvre off of any museum must-see list! This fantastic palace is home to the world’s largest museum and boasts some spectacular artwork (roughly 35,000 pieces). Not only will you experience three separate wings: Denon, Sully, and Richelieu. The mazes of passageways and galleries this triumphant museum houses is as equally impressive to its’ outside, one of the most well-known and iconic architectural designs of the western world. There are a handful of restaurants for you to choose from within the museum, everything from French café fare to an elegant restaurant, The Grand Louvre. It can be an awful lot to take in, so, we recommend that you visit this museum more than once during your trip as you will not want to experience more than two galleries at a time. Take your time at this one; it will be well worth it in the end!

We know that while Paris can seem like a bustling city, it is jam packed with excellent museums and world-class restaurants for you to try. As you travel around this gorgeous and historic city, it is hard to not stop in a museum or two or five! They are practically everywhere you go, which makes finding one to visit, not difficult at all. When you stay with Elite Destination Homes, we will make sure you can see everything you want to while on your vacation of a lifetime. Make sure your elite vacations is one to remember as you spend your days and nights getting to know the City of Lights.