By Kathryn Lynden | Travelog

Well, I just returned from Cabo san Lucas, Mexico and what is so amazing about off-season travel is the access to everything.

No Line at Customs

To start there are no lines at Customs, you walk right through.

Access to Everything

Second, you can actually wake up in the morning and figure out what you may want to do that day! Everything is available to you from fishing expeditions, to zip lines, to horseback riding on the beach, to surf lessons and boat rides to picnic on secluded beaches. No need to decide beforehand, just call the day of and off you go!

Local Host Spends Time with You

The Concierge Team at Palmilla Retreat, Paul & Evelyn, had time to spend with us. He offered to take us to a local restaurant for dinner. I mean local. We agreed! I had never been in Los Cabo during a storm and that night it decided to rain — sideways, with the winds whipping. Paul arrived to pick us up and I asked him if the restaurant had an inside area. He looked at me funny and said, “Of course not.” I ran back into my villa to get my umbrella. We arrived and the restaurant had plastic tarps overhead that were cascading water down the sides. The waiters shoe-surfed to our table to take our order. We actually saw one waiter go down — guacamole and chips went flying everywhere! The guitar player never stopped playing even though he was soaking wet. As I tied my umbrella to my chair to keep myself dry, I ate the best self-made tacos I had ever tasted – sliced cactus and all!

Fractional Ownership Amenities Abound

At Palmilla Retreat, as one of our shared owners, you have access to the exclusive Beach Club 96 and a brand new world-class Fitness Center, Espiritu. They were both empty….chaise lounge chairs to be found, the lap pool to myself, and a massage whenever I wanted one. They suggested I order room service to the villa!

It’s Cheap

But the best thing is how cheap it is compared to high season….an exceptional, memorable vacation for a fraction of the cost. I just loved it.

You can have this type of off-season experience at any of our Elite homes – take a look.

Happy traveling!

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