By Elite Destination HomesVacation Rental Management

Out of all that goes into running a successful vacation home management business, nothing is more important than providing an exceptional guest experience. While it’s your home that will draw them in, it’s the experience that will bring them back and produce the rave reviews that draw others to you. Ensuring an exceptional experience is all about attention to detail and fostering a personal relationship.

Vetting Guests

It’s important to make sure that your home is right for the guest and that the guest is right for your home. For this reason we recommend talking to each guest on the phone at least once during the process. Are they a family with small children?  If so, is your pool and patio area kid friendly? You’re not just selling them a place to sleep, you’re helping plan for a memorable vacation experience, so ensuring a good match is critical.

Confirm All Details Three Times

There are a lot of details involved in vacation home management. Getting a date wrong or neglecting to follow up on a special request can wreak havoc on a family’s vacation. That’s why we consider it best practice to verify all details once verbally and twice in writing. Getting it right is critical, so ask for a confirmation from your guest. Strong communication skills and follow up are the hallmarks of a successful vacation home management business.

Meet & Greet

Traveling to someplace new and figuring out how everything works once you get there can be both tricky and stressful. So plan for an in person meet and greet when your guests arrive. Greeting them in person with a welcome gift will go a long way in making your guest feel at home. Give them a tour of the property and show them how everything from the TV remote to the dishwasher works. Provide them with an itinerary including scheduled maid service and any reservations. Help them plan their stay with information about the area and recommendations to your favorite restaurants and attractions.

Post Visit Checklist

Your property manager, one of the many professionals that can help you grow a successful vacation rental business, should have a scheduled walk through once the house has been cleaned after the guest’s visit. Have them use a checklist to assess the home for any damages, and ensure all in is working order and well stocked for the next visitor. Keeping everything ship-shape is foundational to vacation home management.

Follow Up

Plan to personally follow up and thank guests after their stay. This shows that you truly care about their experience and provides an opportunity for you to receive some valuable feedback. If they enjoyed their stay, don’t hesitant to ask for a review.

If you are interested in getting into the vacation home management business, we’d love to offer our services.  Elite Destination Homes is a vacation rental management company that has successfully been marketing an international portfolio of multimillion-dollar luxury vacation homes since 2005. We’ve written a white paper on how to rent a vacation home by owner and helped many homeowners successfully launch their homes as rentals and we’re dedicated to providing exceptional vacation experiences for our guests. We’d love to hear from you.