Photo of a Turks and Caicos Diving ExpeditionTurks and Caicos, particularly the isle of Providenciales, is celebrated for its pristine beaches, deep-sea fishing, Caribbean cuisine, and rum bars. Throughout the year, travelers (mainly couples and small families) escape to this Caribbean paradise to unwind, relax, and bask in island sophistication. But it’s also hard to deny the allure of the Atlantic Ocean’s turquoise, crystalline waters, especially when its soft waves are within arm’s reach of Elite Destination Homes’ sleek Turks and Caicos villas. And one of the many ways to explore the Atlantic’s warm aqua is via an underwater dive. Turks and Caicos diving has skyrocketed in popularity over the past two decades, luckily for the curious general public.

Turks and Caicos Diving Tours

Most top-rated Turks and Caicos diving companies explore the thriving, colorful reefs that line the islands of Providenciales (“Provo”) and Grand Turk. However, Providenciales is a thousand times more accessible than teeny Grand Turk. Regardless, Provo’s reefs, especially those near Grace Bay and Northwest Point, are among the prettiest in the Caribbean. And, believe it or not, most Turks and Caicos scuba teams prefer hosting beginners over seasoned divers—primarily because there’s nothing more heartwarming than observing an awestruck diver who has never swum with a curious hawksbill turtle or floated above vibrant stacks of coral. Click the links below to learn more about four of the area’s most reputable Turks and Caicos diving teams. Worth noting: SNUBA is a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving.

Provo Dive Sites

Photo of a Turks and Caicos Diving ExpeditionBut, of course, scuba diving in Providenciales is so popular that underwater thrillseekers from across the globe often bring their own tanks, suits, masks, and fins. So, for those who wish to dive with a private group, Dive Provo has a fairly in-depth map that outlines 20 distinct sites. Ten such sites are located near Grace Bay’s shoreline, as well as the island’s Northwest Point. Pine Cay is known for its schools of fish. Grace Bay, meanwhile, is home to reef sharks, sandy grottos, and various chutes. The island’s Northwest Point has extremely rare pillar corals, a variety of sponges, and curious eagle rays. Both the Sandbore Channel and West Caicos are far out to sea.

  • Pine Cay
  • Grace Bay
  • Northwest Point area
  • Sandbore Channel
  • West Caicos

Turks and Caicos Villa Rentals

Photo of a Luxury Villa Near the Best Turks and Caicos Diving SitesAfter a full day of Turks and Caicos diving and dining, retreat to one of the island’s most luxurious villa rentals. Elite Destination Homes maintain nearly a dozen vacation rentals on the island of Providenciales, all of which are located along the Atlantic Ocean’s edge. As the sun slowly dips behind the vivid horizon, bathe in a lap pool, sip on a fruity cocktail in a comfy chaise lounge, or simply laze amid the Caribbean’s all-natural beauty. Each of these lavish Turks and Caicos honeymoon rentals is more elaborate than the next. Click the links below to learn more about each property, as well as check availability.