By Jacob Semling | Los Cabos

Posted 11/10/2011
I was lucky enough to visit Elite’s Cabo homes for my first ever trip out of the country!  Having travelled during the Minnesota winter, the first thing I noticed upon stepping out off the plane was the warm sea air.

My first couple nights were at Palmilla Retreat.  It was a very comfortable and luxurious stay.  The highlight was being able to take advantage of the guest membership at Club 96!  All of our guests at Palmilla Retreat receive free access to this wonderful resort with an infinity pool, lap pool and of course a hot tub.  After eating lunch poolside with my colleagues, we spent time on the private beach.  It was a blast!

The next several nights were spent at Las Mananitas Penthouse.  My favorite memory would have to be enjoying an authentic Mexican meal that was prepared by a fantastic cook, the mother of our Cabo Concierge.  We dined at sunset on the terrace while overlooking the resort pools, the sandy beach and the pristine ocean.

Lastly, I stayed at Casa Celina, which is located in the world-class resort at Las Ventanas.  As we got out of our car we were immediately attended to by the wonderful staff, who assisted us with our luggage and guided us to our room.  I very quickly understood why they call Las Ventanas a “world class resort.”  They provide a very indulgent and unique experience, one of my favorite touches being the elaborate sand drawings that they display nightly by firelight. And again I could spend the entire time eating, as the restaurants there were so decadent and delicious.

I also had the opportunity to explore San Jose del Cabo.  I went whale watching on a private boat and words cannot describe what it was like to be so close, arms-length away, to the calm, majestic animals.  I also went on a sunset ATV tour that took our group through the hills and ended on the beach, just as the sun slipped away.  An adventure I will never forget!

I look forward to the day that I can return to Cabo.  It was a trip with so many memories that I would love to experience again!