By Laurie Flum | Paris

Paris in the spring….I’d heard so much about it; in the movies, from friends…well you know. So when my job sent me to Paris I can admit my slightly introverted personality was a bit anxious about the trip. How would I get around, EUROS instead of dollars? – Hmmm, and what about the language barrier when I’m standing lost in the middle of the city!

Well from the moment we met the cab driver things were looking up. His English was excellent and he was so proud of his heritage as he told us all about Paris during the drive from the airport. Paris is LOVELY, from the consistency of the architect, to the beauty of the parks and the cleanliness of the city. The continuity of the cities ebb and flow relax you as you navigate your way through the city. You can walk for miles and never run out of old churches, statues, parks, museums and a never ending list of wonders.

There are a lot of stairs and a lot of walking, but then that gives validity to the enormous amounts of food you eat. Foods that are so outrageously rich you have no choice but to consume vast amounts and try as many as possible. Try the Loic Raison Cidier Breton – it is a delightful Cider Ale and ranks up there with the almond croissant from Gosselin Bakery, the Beef Bourgeon at a small side street cafe or the café crèmes at any of the many bistros.

The Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum are everything and more than you’d expect. Landmarks unlike anything I’ve ever seen and are overwhelming in their design and beauty.

I’ll go back again soon – maybe with my daughter. I now understand why she threatened to move there when she studied abroad for three months.

Go to Paris!

Laurie Flum