The holidays are fast approaching, signifying it’s finally time to book that romantic or family getaway. Spending the holidays in Europe is growing into an affordable, feasible option, especially for those who live in the United States’ East Coast. According to U.S. News, Prague, Czech Republic’s capital city, is the “Best Affordable Vacation in Europe.” Unlike the touristy cities of Rome, London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, Prague is never overcrowded, even during the holidays. Prague is known for its red-tiled roofs, breathtaking cathedrals, narrow streets, and lively Old Town Square. Spending Christmas and New Year’s in Prague has never been more appealing.

Visiting Prague

There are several essentials to remember when visiting Prague. Here’s a brief rundown of the basics to visiting Prague.

1. Locals speak Czech, a West Slavic language that isn’t spoken anywhere else in the world. Because Prague is a growing tourist destination, most people also speak English.

2. Remember to exchange currency for the Czech crown (koruna), not the euro.

3. The temperatures during the wintertime are usually in the 40s and sometimes the 50s, much like New York City or Boston. Dress accordingly.

4. The beer in Prague extremely inexpensive and delicious, so come thirsty.

5. Visit the main tourist locations, such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and Old Town Square, during off-hours.

6. Prague’s public transportation system is accessible, cheap, safe, and reliable. You can use the subway, buses, or commuter trains. Avoid overpriced taxis.

7. Expect to walk a lot. Most notable attractions, restaurants, and cocktail bars are located within walking distance of each other. Stilettos and cobbled streets don’t mix.

8. Need more money? Use an ATM.

Things to Do in Prague During the Holidays

Czechs love Christmas and New Year’s just like the rest of us. Spend Christmas in Prague by visiting Old Town Square, where you’ll discover a massive, beautifully-lit tree and a holiday market. Purchase a bottle of mulled wine, a hunk of delicious, smoked Prague ham, and a bagful of crafts. The Wenceslas Square Christmas Market is less-traveled yet provides similar allure. Try to get caught in a light winter storm. Snowfall in Prague is a lovely scene, especially at night under the stars. The neighborhoods of Karlin, Vinohrady, Letna or Zizkov see much less tourism and are home to some of the area’s best cafes, pubs, and cocktail bars. New Year’s in Prague is a genuinely stunning spectacle as a dazzling fireworks display lights the night’s sky high above the Vltava River at midnight.

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