By Mark Stevens | Turks and Caicos

In my first career I was blessed with the opportunity to travel all over the world and work with people from very different cultures. There simply aren’t words to describe how different the Monday event in Italy was to the Wednesday event in Tokyo. I have since left the life of a “Road Warrior” to the next generation of folks that measure their successes with mileage and yet my passion for travel has never been stronger.

These days I prefer places with a very different pace. The Turks and Caicos has become a fast favorite of mine. There is nothing like the calm blue waters off Taylor Bay. I am convinced that there are few beaches in the world that rival the powder white sand, the calm shoulder-deep water and most importantly the lack of people in this protected cove. One could literally take a nap in the 80-degree shallows and not hear another person for hours – perfection!

The island is also home to one of my favorite restaurant experiences in the world – Coco Bistro. The restaurant features really tasty and fresh Caribbean inspired food. It is served outdoors under the stars and a backlit canopy of palms. The atmosphere fosters infectious conversations that seem to spill out from the boundaries of any given table. Before you know it all of the diners have joined in what can best be described as a spontaneous party.

The Turks is simply put one of the great places on earth. Get lost on the beach or caught up in the action at a favorite spot. It’s your trip – you decide.

Okay, now I am hungry, lonely and cold here in St. Paul…

I think it is time for another trip!