Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesSummer is winding down, and fall is just around the corner. With temperatures beginning to cool-off slightly south of the border, it’s time to think about planning your dream vacation. When working with our leading travel experts on vacationing to Los Cabos Mexico, you’ll find lots of luxury rental options to choose. Once you’ve selected your desired home, planning for your vacation can begin! Here are three reasons to travel to Mexico this fall season for a magical getaway you won’t forget.

Fall Travel in Mexico

Each season in Mexico offers a different experience to travelers; wintertime sees an influx of visitors as many people from colder climates travel south to warm up for a few days or a few weeks. Spring brings a simple but peaceful time because the busy season is dwindling and temperatures begin to climb again. Summer is bustling with activities in and around towns especially along the coastal locations like Los Cabos Mexico. Although all of these times of year are renowned for heading south, for frequent travelers, they often will say that fall is truly the best time of the year.

It’s also a perfect time for your dream vacation with your loved one. Planning a romantic trip is easy when the crowds aren’t as large, and you can see plenty of sights on your own. You can also bring the family as well; especially if it’s a long holiday weekend for the kids at school. Just tack on a few extra days off for them, and you will be set for the ultimate family vacation that could rival any summer trip.

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesAutumn Weather to Expect

You might be wondering why fall? Falls seems to be synonymous with back to school, busy work weeks, and not much time for a vacation. If you didn’t make it out for a summer trip, fall brings a particularly good time of the year to travel. As the temps have cooled down, because much of the summer months revolve around the rainy season, you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy the weather without getting caught in a downpour.

We highly advise that you keep an eye on the weather no matter what season you spend in Mexico. It’s also important to remember that summer through fall is hurricane season, and it will end in November. In regards to what you should make sure you have in your carry-on, including a rain jacket for that day in case, it does sprinkle and a few sweaters as the nights tend to get chilly. Most of the time, the weather can be quite humid, so light and comfortable clothing are key for your dream vacation!

Central Park Place, Destination Homes, Elite rentals, Elite Vacations/Rentals, Family Friendly Vacation HomesSeasonal Festivities

There is something special about going to Mexico during the harvest season because their annual festivals start to shine. September marks El Mes de la Patria, which translates to the month of the homeland. Plus it’s also  Mexico’s Independence, and many locations have month long celebrations for that. With the massive amount of patriotism, you might want to see what events are occurring within Los Cabos. October brings, even more, culture with one of its biggest cultural festivals of the year, the Festival International Cervantino. The month also ends on a high note with the events of Day of the Dead that span October 31 through November 2. Finally, November hosts Revolution Day on the third Monday in November, but parades and parties can take place throughout the month.

While the summer is slowly drawing to end, don’t worry that you haven’t been able to set out on your dream vacation. It’s coming up this autumn season! Book your trip with a charming, luxury vacation rental from Elite Destination Homes. You’ll love spending time nestled along the coast in Los Cabos Mexico, and adventure out into the town to experience the sights, sounds, and culture during the harvest months.