Choosing Dates in Your Home

With Elite’s flexible use model you will enjoy your vacation home when you wish. There are no assigned Owner weeks. Dates can change from year to year. Each Spring, you will select personal use days for the following calendar year.

Your days of ownership are allocated between peak and non-peak days based on the location and seasons in your location.

Should two owners choose the same or overlapping dates, we have a very fair tie-breaker system that goes into effect.

Most owners use their home 4-5 times per year. The average stay is seven nights, but Elite owners may use their homes for as little as one night and up to as many nights as they request, subject to other owner reservations.

Owners often use 3-4 weeks for their own enjoyment and gift 1-2 weeks to family, friends, employees, clients or to charities they support.

When you’re not able to be there yourself, Elite rents the available time to generate rental income for you.

As soon as you become an owner, you begin to reserve time in your home or at other homes through Elite’s exchange program.

Are you ready to choose dates in your home?  Contact us.


Five Star Concierge Service – a Hallmark of Elite.

As an Elite vacation home owner you will have a great vacation experience every time you visit.

You will develop a close relationship with your Elite concierge team, whose mission it is to make your stay a satisfying, comfortable, stress-free experience. He or she will be an invaluable resource for you and your guests to get the most from each visit.

Come home to a well-stocked fridge and a warm personal welcome from your local Concierge.

Your Elite concierge will provide:

  • Ground transportation coordination (airport transfers, car rentals, etc.)
  • Pre-grocery shopping
  • Recommendations for local activities and excursions
  • Scheduling of activities (tee-times, boat rides, museum passes, theater tickets, scuba lessons, etc.)
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Child care recommendations
  • Catering and chef services
  • Golf tee-times
  • Spa services
  • Emergency availability and maintenance service

However far you’ve journeyed, you’ll be home. Contact us.


Home Care and Maintenance

Your Elite home is well maintained and ready to welcome you. Elite’s team of seasoned real estate professionals manage your vacation home asset as though it were our own.

We hire, train and oversee the best onsite Property Managers in each destination to provide the following services:

  • Property care, improvements, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Purchase of supplies and household items
  • Housekeeping, scheduling and inspections
  • Annual contract renewals for service providers and insurance
  • Emergency services for inclement weather and unexpected repairs
  • Departure inspections for guest damages and replacement

The cost of these services is shared by owners, apportioned in accordance with each ownership percentage and annual use of the home.

None of your precious vacation time will be spent opening, fixing, or closing your vacation home. We take care of it.

We care about every aspect of your vacation home. Contact us.


Legal Structure of Ownership

The legal structure of ownership varies by location, as each country in which we operate has unique laws and regulations.

The majority of our Elite home partnerships have been created as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). You own a percentage of a company that owns the home.

Our legal team has broad experience in shared ownership real estate transactions around the world, and can answer any questions you might have about a specific Elite Destination Home. Contact us.


Selling Your Ownership Stake or Passing It on to Heirs

You are free to sell your ownership interest at any time.

Elite generally recommends that owners maintain their stake in an Elite Destination Home for seven to ten years.  However we realize change happens.

Ask Elite to assist you with the sale, or find a buyer on your own.

Elite reserves the right to screen potential buyers for financial qualifications and approve their suitability for partnership in a given home.

You can also pass on your fractional ownership in an Elite home to your heirs and/or estate.

Elite will help you with an exit strategy for your Elite home.  Contact us.